The internet came into wide use in the 90’s, Facebook began on Feb 4, 2004, The first iPhone was introduced on Jan 9, 2007, Twitter came into being on March 21st, 2007 So why am I bringing all this up? A walk through a typical American high school will find most students calmly using their iPhone –but it’s easy to overlook the looming danger, To make things better we must look at the problem differently. The recent student marches may not solve the problem but at least they allow young people to participate in America’s political process. I’m sure something good will come of it.

But in the wake of another school shooting lets look at some cultural changes that may have also contributed to the problem. Consider these facts: Only around 23% of American families with children have both a mother and a father at home. Divorce averages around one in two marriages. Many teenagers spend over sixty hours a week on their phone/ computer with social media, gaming, browsing etc. Do not these conditions take away from real authentic human interaction.–coaching, team building, comradery and parenting –so needed especially within that age group. This shouldn’t be that hard since most young people crave direction and attention from the adults in their life, whether they admit it or not. Additionally, church attendance of many faiths has declined, in many cases to under 20% of its peak.  Fake news, hate mongering websites and other irresponsible content is distributed at lightning-fast speed often affecting people by hindering thoughtful analysis of the issues. Consequently, we see more frustration and Impulsive aggression producing an ignorant ‘lynch’ mentality in some people, especially those most vulnerable who can easily be manipulated by media. If you feel your one of those people, please reach out, there are many willing to help. There are also issues around parental neglect– often stemming from both parents at work, absent fathers, schools lacking discipline, excessive anger from BLM as well as the culture of male bashing from various groups.

For the young people reading this, if every one of you took it upon yourselves to talk or spend some time, IN PERSON, with just one fellow student–just one– who you notice as an outcast,  often alone, picked on or troubled in some way you will have done more collectively in averting another tragedy than the combined efforts of all the legislators, administrators, guards, medical teams and therapists –and you might even learn something. If you, yourself, have a problem with someone settle it face to face with them, Like pulling weeds from a garden you’ll be empowering yourselves while attacking the issue at its core.  Every problem encapsulates its own solution, This problem brewed at the school and can more quickly be addressed within the school. Remember, the solution may begin with something as simple as a walk across the hall.

Are we wise enough to handle this new technology? Have cultural influences only made the problem worse? Are too many parents allowing the iPhone to be used as a babysitter instead of giving their kids ample face time or insuring they get the life experience they need? Does the old biblical reference “The sins of the fathers” apply here –with our children paying the ultimate price for it? [ I believe its referring not only to worldly parents but to the culture at large as well] When I was young, we couldn’t even take a simple calculator to school until we had mastered the fundamentals of math. These days the youngest of children have free access to the power of the iPhone –like giving them a firearm and telling them to “figure it out”– With no one monitoring what information they garner or put out with it, even adults are not immune! If you think I’m overreaching here, imagine if Henry Ford, in 1920, had access to it with his antisemitic rhetoric OR how quickly Jimmy Hoffa would have been able to organize the teamsters in 1957. —The influence is indisputable– be it negative or positive. What’s to prevent young people, within their circles, from influencing each other in the same manner? Either way most people are attracted to the ‘supernatural’ powers of the iPhone as a new form of communication, but this problem requires another, older, ageless brand of magic.

Unfortunately, we’ll probably see more tax money given to mental health agencies and more gun legislation via lobbying etc. No doubt money is a powerful tool but if misapplied it rings just as hollow as any other misguided effort, no matter the amount.

I’ve even heard that at one point they wanted to arm teachers. I mean really, if it ever came down to that you could say that we have failed as a society. Don’t you think?

For those of you who were at the marches,  maybe think of it this way, had you been looking closely you would have found that you were being protected by gun wielding guards. Is that not irony in its purest form! I mean, beyond common sense laws are firearms really the issue? If someone is intent on mass killing there are many other ways. Besides, guns have been around since the 1300’s, how long has public school violence been this prevalent ?

Let’s fight fire with fire, trite and worn out, but no less true, Let’s use the power of the internet to collaborate our ideas and make them known. Let’s wield this power to arouse the angels in us, not the demons, I encourage everyone reading this article to share their ideas, especially those with a specific influence. Let’s all strive to make our schools the safe haven they once were and rid ourselves of this social cancer once and for all. We may have a blueprint but like any big project Its going to take all of us to make it work. Obviously, the problems run deeper than just the immediate families. Afterall, no parent wants to play Russian roulette with their kids’ life every time they send them off to school.

In the end we ask, Is there any correlation? I’ll let you be the judge. The first mass school shooting that I remember was at Colombine high school that occurred on April 20, 1999, in Denver Colorado, perpetrated by two males– if I remember right. I’ll leave you with this famous quote “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master” Christian Lous Lange, Norwegian politician.

04-27-2023  VIOLENCE CONTD:

Since our last article on school violence, we have recently (last few years) seen shootings at shopping malls, Nite clubs, grocery stores, movie theaters and other public areas. It seems the problem has only spread. Not to be an alarmist but could some of these people be terrorists inadvertently released through the border into the U.S from foreign countries. This could also be due to recent economic hardship and a proliferation of drug induced (mental health) crimes with increased drug trafficking in our country, Copycat crimes have also proliferated with bazaar posts on the internet.

      Some other causal factors may be from cultural changes. For years many high paying manufacturing jobs have been going overseas, others have been replaced by technology leaving the need for more specialized skills. Interestingly, women have been taking the lead in education while men have been pulling back, possibly because of cost and the negative effects of far-left ideologies within those institutions. Unfortunately, many young men have not taken advantage of the gains offered from the building trades feeling it to be low status even though they have become very lucrative. With women often making better salaries and claiming higher status they often delay marriage until later and then tend to narrow their search to only the college educated. Ironically, social media has tended to distort the dating world to the point where people connect even less and given many people a warped sense of reality to where they spend too much time comparing themselves with others, possibly feeling sorry for themselves and blaming others for their circumstances while losing site of the point at which they need to take responsibility for themselves. All of this has resulted in a very low marriage rate and a further dissolution of the family-the heart of a functioning and healthy free society. The resultant increase of idle, unattached, unfocused young men is not a good thing. In Addition, Government Freebies, lax border security, unfair domestic family law and other judicial changes in our court systems have only made things worse. All this while our leadership stands by idly.

Of course, this is only our opinion. We encourage the statisticians and investigative reporter types out there to research and substantiate this for yourself and share it with the rest of us. We can all fight this by educating the electorate. If modern women only understood the power they could share with their man, we could change the world, it’s not done with manipulation, coercion, or persuasion– its simply an attitude. The only prerequisite is that they be with a good man. One of the best historical examples of this was the wife of John Quincy Adams (one of the founding fathers), Abagale, who held a great influence over and respect from her husband and had much influence in the American Revolution. She was writer and an advocate for women’s rights, education and abolition. She was one of the organizers of “The sons of liberty’ which set up the Boston Tea party in 1772. She was a supportive partner to her husband who often relied on her advice and intelligence. She was also a mother, raising 4 children, as well as a grandmother. This should be a wakeup call to all of us.

10-05-2018  judge Brett Kavanagh appointment

       As far as the recent allegations against judge  kavanaugh and his appointment is concerned, how can one possibly condemn a person for questionable behavior as a youth.  Even our own court system locks up juvenile records to give  offenders a fresh start.  We realize that youth doesn’t excuse everything but isn’t it infinitely more important, in the eyes of both god and man, what someone learns from their experiences or how they grew from it. How many people do you know with a crystal clear record?  If that is what it takes to qualify for the supreme court then who will be his replacement. The liberal viewpoint after all has always been one of compassion, forgiveness and understanding, why isn’t it applied or even considered in this case?  Is this not  the ultimate hypocrisy! 

Not to discredit her story but honestly if Mrs Ford experience was that bad would it not have been reported somewhere around that time. Would not the evidence against Kavanagh be more convincing. Indeed, if he actually is guilty of gang rape then of course he should not be on the supreme court, of course he should be held accountable and of course he should be prosecuted, even now, but if he was really that person then wouldn’t he have repeated it at some point in the last thirty seven years. Such people are known to have an acquired taste. Last, why did all of this come out right before the midterm elections when it was all known months before. Are we alone in finding that suspicious. I mean really, help me out here.

    These issues are not new to our time. Anita Hill’s accusation against then nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991 woke up America to the problem and paved the way for better legislation protecting women against unfair treatment in the workplace, no one denies the benefits that came from the trial even though he did receive his seat on the bench.   I also see similarities to the 1995 O.J. Simpson trial, but instead of the race card it’s the Me-too movement card being played where the court of public opinion becomes the whole basis for the decision.  Although not a formal trial it’s being used as a prosecution technique instead of as a defense.  Is this going to be another high profile debacle where the unjustified exoneration or conviction of one  person represents the success of an entire cause. Lets learn from our mistakes and do the right thing. 

     Right now, in America, the political powers care much less about what happened to Mrs Ford, then they do with advancing their own agendas. When the dust settles, lets all think about who’s been exploited and those that have been victimized from the process and why. No where else does the old adage, “The end justifies the means” ring more true than in politics and business.  Despite what some may think, we have come along way in protecting women from  harassment. shame and embarrassment–shall we now use such methods to further our politics . It is unbecoming and we should all be mortified as a society for wielding it. 

    As a final note, what happened to due process, Yes, we understand that this isn’t a trial, but  is it not being treated as one.  Have we gone back to a lynch mob mentality where one is guilty until proven innocent.  In the end, this isn’t just about women’s rights, it is about the respect, fairness and justice due all Americans.

10-07-18  MIDTERM ELECTIONS   (economics from a tax & regulatory perspective)

     In effect,  president Trump is depending mostly on self governance when it comes to traditional business practices.  He is relying on stiff competition (by giving more business’s the ability to prosper and compete)  so they will be compelled to provide decent wages for their employees,  address poverty, minority inequality and environmental protections as necessary.  Those  that don’t conform are expected to be called out and blacklisted by the communities they affect.  He is also relying on the generosity of Americans to provide support thru charitable organizations for the elderly, the weak, the in firmed, the homeless and other compromised areas of society as well as take personal responsibility for themselves, their family and  community  with their new found prosperity.  He is expecting the great majority of us to have evolved enough to realize this.  His removal of many of the fail safes (expensive regulations and programs) that address these issues, (many put in place by Obama) is proof of his convictions. It’s not an attempt to hurt Americans it’s just a philosophy that America will take care of itself if given the right tools.  It is a reliance on John Nash’s mathematically proven principles of economics —that the best result comes by doing what is good not only for yourself but your neighbor as well.  Only then will America be in a position to help the rest of the world. That is what many fail to understand. 

       In the end a lot of faith is being put in the American people, rather than relying on the government.  Is this bad!  Is this mean, stupid, careless, irresponsible and  void of compassion  as many have said? You will  be the final judge.

However, if this is to work  Americans must live up to the responsibility in looking after the greater good.  We must all aspire to a better work ethic. We must all   focus on our common heritage rather than our differences.  This is a wake up call to all Americans, especially those of wealth power and influence.  YES  this is very altruistic and idealistic. YES  it will cause short term pain for some.  But In effect if it doesn’t succeed don’t we ultimately have ourselves to blame.and would we not be left to resign ourselves to a democratic society that bordered on socialism, or worse yet some sort of dictatorship –that we  eventually would all be forced to accept. Something similar to Obama’s vision.

As long as the President doesn’t  toss out the baby, we should be okay. There are many parts of our government that should be handled  carefully some of which include global health management, infrastructure. national security,  immigration, civil order (enforcing constitutional principles), education and the over site of big business. Of course lets not forget the biggest baby of all,  the boomers of course,  who have paid into the system for most of their lives.  Donald Trump may have once been a con man,  a man of questionable morays / ethics etc,  I don’t know, it’s not for me to judge but now he is giving back–is that so hard to believe,  after all are we not a country of redemption.

Have we all fallen into a bottomless cesspool of cynicism.  Have we lost all faith in America, our fellow citizens and worse yet —-in ourselves.. 

Cast your votes next month with that in mind.


10-12-2018  Proposals and Amendments

    Amendment X removes the definition of industrial hemp from the Colorado constitution and instead proposes to use the definition of federal law and federal statute instead.

       The reason this is on the ballet is essentially because of amendment 64, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado in 2012. Opponents argue and this new amendment may interfere or deviate from the voters original intent.

      Industrial hemp is not marijuana. It  is used in many commercial applications. Colorado is the leading state of its manufacturer for use in  products such as food, fuel, medicine paper, plastic rope and textiles. Advocates for this amendment maintain that the amendment will keep the definition of hemp, (quality and purity)  in line with the federal definition of the plant which will keep Colorado competitive from a producer’s perspective. 

02-19-2019 THE WALL 

        In light of the thousands of people escaping the humanitarian crisis within central American countries The Southern border wall offers an interesting challenge to our sense of moral responsibility, both to US citizens and our southern neighbors.  Still,  little comparison can be drawn with the Berlin wall or the great wall of China. The former was known as an infamous barrier while the latter ended up no more than a famous landmark. However The Mexico and US wall is at best a political controversy and at worst a divisive talking point which has done little more than divide people across racial, political and moral lines. The wall is being used, quite wrongly, as a symbol of power and political ideology than anything else. It is amazing to me how something as simple as a fence,has come to represent something of such grandice meaning —what most of us use around our own property and see as a  structure for privacy, to discourage people from wandering uninvited as well as a visual divide of ownership. After all this is infact America. A moat of course, complete with alligators and predatory fish would be highly offensive and present a different story.  But nobody is proposing that.

       Arguments can easily be made either way. Historically, the issue has come up many times. In one sense existing barriers have never stopped those who were intent on getting across. There are tunnels everywhere. Much of the drug and human trafficking has come thru our ports of entry anyway –as have illegals.  

     In another sense why be so inviting, why not put something up if for no other reason to show travelers that we would like them to come across in a lawful way. That we do regard our country as special and want it secure but mostly as a statement that once you are part of America you will be regarded and protected just as much.  After all we still have are ports of entry intact.  It’s not about the money, as many have said, the cost of putting up a barrier is a small fraction of our military and home security budgets.

      Let’s look at the history of this problem with various presidents. After texas was annexed in 1845 the first US president to concern themselves was woodrow wilson who encouraged mexican people to come over to solve labor issues of the time.

     In 1924 Mexico was even exempted from the immigration act which restricted newcomers from other countries.

    In 1965 President Johnson, in the spirit of hospitality aided large numbers  of mexicans with family members who are already residents while acknowledging the close relationship of the two countries.    

      In 1969, President Nixon went the other way and launched Operation Intercept which focused on monitoring and intercepting illegals.

      In the 80’s these rules were relaxed.

      In 1993 President Bill Clinton, a democrat, mandated the construction of a 13 mile border wall along a line in the sand between San diego and Tijuana.. It reduced border apprehensions from 100K per day to 5K per day.

    In 1996 President Clinton signs the illegal immigration reform and responsibility act which increased fines for illegal entry and approved funding for more patrols and fence construction. Emigrants shifted away from traditional crossing and started crossing over private land which caused land owners to put more fencing around their properties.

    In 2001, under President Bush border security becomes high on the list after the 9/11 twin towers bombing.

    In 2006 President Bush signs the secure fences act, promising 700 miles of fencing on the border plus a virtual wall across the entire 2000 mile border,.  

     In 2017 President trump renews his vow to build a great wall across the rest of the 2000 mile border that never was completed. His justification is predicated upon the migration of thousands of emigrants from central American countries. 

05-01-2019  INSANITY

The left has finally hit their coffin corner, so to speak,  in their attempt to draw followers within their new ideology.  If you notice they are grasping the extremes of their once respected party if only to retain their power base. From genocide to open borders –free healthcare and education for all,  monetary reparations for select minorities– voting age to 16, removal of all guns from the citizenry, the green initiative including  the removal of airplanes from our transportation repertoire, The dismantling of the electoral college– one of the most ingenious creations of our founders to prevent tyranny.  Some of these ideas are appalling,  some unimaginable, some totally unworkable. Inflation would go through the roof, among other things. Any rational thinking would see through this instantly.  Many of the arguments put forth from the party are far reaching to say the least, the collusion debacle at the top.   If you can’t trust the results of a two year, 30 million plus report by a a distinguished prosecutor then what’s the point.    Granted, Trump may well have a checkered past but  really– show me a business titan that doesn’t.  People in those ranks are known to take shortcuts, skirt the law and often use deceptive practices. Take that same person and put him in government and they would tend to be the same way. But don’t forget that’s just what his voting base wanted–Someone to shake things up and give a fresh start to the republic. DO PROCESS is quite different in the ranks of government than it is within a private corporation isn’t it– but at the same time that doesn’t mean that he is getting away with treason or any other great travesty or violation of law.  Let’s not bastardize a legitimate branch of government by using the legal process to further a political agenda. 

Besides, Are any of the past leaders of this country really untouchable?  The country should at best be relieved and thankful that there was no collusion or obstruction and leave it at that.  With President Nixon it was a break-in–With Bill Clinton it was perjury but for Donald Trump there was no crime  A guilty verdict would  have only serve to tear the country apart more.  The opposition is acting as nothing more than disruptors  not fact finders or truth seekers. As I mentioned before The the democratic party–who once represented the working class, unions, fair wages and equal opportunity sold their constituents out when they bought into free trade and put their sights on feathering their own nests. so why would anyone trust them now.  The country would benefit most if the democratic party reinvented themselves as one that defends the interests of the middle class with a power balance against corporate and capitalist interests. I mean really, the powers at work in the upper levels of the media and government must think the American people are brain dead if they expect us to believe and accept the agenda they are now offering. 

       Bernie Sanders and Biden. democratic contenders for the presidency are playing the emotions of a demographic group of people between 25 and 45 who lived through one of  the worst economic disasters in American history short of the great depression. The age of NAFTA,  unrestrained open trade,  total deregulation of the financial sector, , mass underemployment, high taxes, bursting bubbles, oppressive regulation put forth by both parties along with corruption at the highest levels. All of this compromises upward mobility and damages the credibility of traditional capitalism, still it doesn’t warrant a retreat into socialism.  One need only look at Venezuela or the USSR to see where that leads.   

And watching this whole thing play out one can see how both sides tend to take everything the other side does or says to an extreme and make accusations and assumptions with no substance or proof.  ironically,  if this battle continues, the only winners will be the Russians who will have succeeded at pitting the US against itself and permanently dividing the country.  How many times can a hair be split? The judicial system in America is in the business of proving guilt not innocence, if guilt cannot be proven without reasonable doubt then innocence is the verdict.  After that its up to the people to decide if the character, morality or suitability of a given person or situation is in question.  I challenge anyone reading this to really listen to the arguments of both sides and make your own decision.  


Culture and Diversity are concepts that I believe have been muddled in our modern discourse as a society. We often hear accusations on how conventional right and centrist policy has left out acceptance and assimilation of other races, cultures and creeds while condemning the behavior as phobic, racist and hateful. This could not be further from the truth. Let me explain.

Let’s start by giving an explanation of what these terms mean. Webster defines diversity as variety, miscellany, assortment, mixture, range, array, medley, multiplicity, variation, variance, heterogeneity, difference. The United States welcomes people of all cultures, in fact, as many know it has been described as a melting pot. Over the last 2 centuries people from all walks of life have gone thru a process and become citizens.  Culture on the other hand is defined as civilization, society, way of life, traditions, heritage, habits, ways, practice, procedure. Included within this are the arts, philosophy cultivation, discrimination, taste

Every human institution at any level has a cultural hierarchy—At its core people have their own belief systems, Families have a culture, small groups of friends share a culture,  shops and businesses have a culture, schools have a culture, multinational companies have a culture and ultimately countries have a culture. Any culture that wishes to be part of a higher culture is expected to assimilate into the constructs of it. That does not necessarily mean abandoning your own ideas but rather just tweaking them to fit so it does not radically disturb the prevailing status quo. If the culture you are coming from is vastly different than the one your going into then you may be best to not enter it in the first place or find another place hang your hat. If you look closely decisions like this happen every day within America. People choose their own friends, businesses choose who they are going to hire just as employees choose who they are willing to work for, Young people choose what college to attend, multinational companies choose what country to build in and ultimately people choose what country to live in. The fact that much of American philosophy is of a judo Christian nature is not surprising since the country was founded within that culture. If one wants to assimilate one must have this as a basis. As a citizen, expecting even demanding this is attitude not an act of discrimination, hate or phobia but rather one of reason and practicality.

Granted, once a person is a respected member of the institution, they are now free to make changes or refinements as they see fit. In the U.S. it has been done by amendments, laws, demonstrations, movements even revolution, often in that order.

Unfortunately, many media/ news outlets have strayed so far from the realm of journalism into nothing more than a ratings grabber by serving the most outrageous factions of our society who have never watched conventional news or cared much about the world anyway. Seeking political power has been the order of the day.

In conclusion if your intent is to overhaul the culture it’s not going to happen by working your way into an established seat of power and then slamming and demeaning the very system that got you there, people will see thru it very quickly and at best discount your intentions as manipulative and disruptive or at worst label you as unstable and dangerous.


With the political climate as it is today, its hard to imagine moving forward as a nation unless some drastic measures are taken within the fundamental philosophy of our government. At a minimum the states are going to be forced to take on more power in representing their own constituency while at the same time having access to the wealth and protection available thru a national government. Unfortunately, short of dividing the country in two there is no easy way through this. However, the last election has proven that geographical differences will have to be respected.

     The advantages of the capitalistic model still hold true. That of innovation, entrepreneurship, wealth creation, a continuing betterment of the standard of living available to all people of any socioeconomic level. Many of the world’s finest inventions have come from it—everything from the light bulb to the modern personal computer.  It relies more on the goodness and altruism of the individual in order to operate efficiently. It expects people to understand that life is a challenge, to suck it up when things get tough, but it also appeals to their highest self. It offers no guarantees but offers the possibility of self-actualization to everyone. The disadvantages have also been made obvious, the stench of greed, income inequality and in many cases inequality of opportunity.   

    Some disadvantages of a more socialistic model are evident from countries such as Sweden and Germany.  It appeals to people who only wish to have necessities met and are fine with limited perks. People who don’t wish to separate themselves from the pack thru hard work and competition. It also squelches innovation since many of the rewards are absent. It gives more power to the government and less credence to the individual. Regardless of what they tell you– It does not offer the luxuries evident in modern health care such as immediate access to specialists and sophisticated technology but rather, relies on the individual to be proactive in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It does not reward hard work and ingenuity anywhere near as well as its counterpart.  It assumes most people are average and wish only to survive and provide for their family. It can impose personal income tax rates upwards of fifty percent and transfers corruption away from the private sector and into the public sector.

        It is evident that both ideologies have their inherent positives and negatives.    

     So how do we move forward? Well, for one thing, national security would still be the responsibility of the Federal government. That includes hostilities from abroad as well as internally.  The 3 branches of government would still be there to provide a balance. Oversight of large business would have to continue to be done through departments such as the FDA, The FCC and the FAA. Aid to address national disasters when they occur. Infrastructure development and maintenance as needed. Concerns such as climate change, international trade, regulation of the money supply and overseas military occupation will still be within their jurisdiction.  

   The states would then take on laws to govern themselves.  Such areas as taxation, housing, abortion, equality issues, guns, business development, immigration allowances, healthcare and education.  In short most of the constitutional rights within the U.S. constitution would have to be honored. The governing populace of any state will be forced to live with the fall out of their decisions.  Although natural resources such as oil and gas would still be in the hands of the Federal government, they would now be subject to the laws of individual states. When conflicts arise, monetary restitution can serve to resolve it. Having left the most divisive issues to the states the parties can then work together effectively with global issues in a more streamlined political climate. Socioeconomic issues and social issues can finally be separated. When the dust finally settles people will be free to move to the states that serve their own ideologies. The only requirement would be the observance and responsibility of paying the tax rates of that state.  

     If only to calm the passions let me address these two questions to people on both sides of the argument. On the conservative side remember that those on the left simply seek fairness and opportunity along with reasonable purchasing power for their labor, for the liberals I ask them never to forget that you to have profited from the right, if not with monitory wealth then in the cars your drive, the appliances you use, the products and services you access, the medical treatment you receive and the entertainment you enjoy.  I also ask the young people to remember that those that came before you are not eager to give away their hard-earned wealth anymore then you are willing to accept being saddled with debt or a lack of opportunity. If the capitalists need more workers, they will have to get them from the opposing states by offering them a better opportunity.

     Although both of these ideologies have their advantages, its going to take a generation or more for any major changes to happen. The older generations, who have already worked a lifetime can hardly be expected to give it away in a more socialistic paradigm, while the younger generation see’s their condition as hopeless under the current system having already accumulated massive college debt and facing astronomical housing costs


Inpeapeachment is  for high crimes and misdemeanors–not thought crimes.. The President was accused of Using the power of his presidency to influence a foreign government to investigate an opponent for personal profit (ie Joe Bidon) thus Soliciting a foreign government for his own reasons. Allegedly military and financial assistance were withheld causing a threat to national security. In the process he was also accused of obstruction of Congress by preventing witnesses from appearing and ordering  strategic firings of key individuals of special interest to the prosecution..The hiring of Rudy Juliania, his personal lawyer, to carry on Ukraine investigations was also in question. The thinking was What right did he have to go outside normal channels?   

          The right rebuttals that the president had the right to investigate high level corruption, be it for a prospective running mate or any other internal threat. Let’s not forget that his predecessors Nixon and Clinton, both committed crimes that were recognized on a bipartisan basis -this president did not have any convictions. They remind us that withholding aid  has been done by many presidents including Obama –no lethal aid was given at all to Ukraine As far as obstruction is concerned Trump totally cooperated with congress during the Mueller Investigation, he had just had enough by the time the impeachment saga started.       

       Afterall the entire mueller investigation was set up as a coverup for the prior administration and its internal departments of FBI, CIA etc.—as well as the Hilliary bought and paid for dossia accusing the president of collusion. Overall The left was  infuriated from the get go that Hillary Clinton did not get the chance to cement Obama’s agenda and continue his legacy — like curbing oil and gas production, supporting open borders, promoting socialized health care. Installing Liberal judges, pruning the first and second amendment and almost every other progressive ideal. 

            So in the end, Trump will most likely be impeached by the House, while the rest of us will enjoy the christmas holiday. The country may well be left politically tainted for future generations,  even as we all go forward with hope in the new year. If Trump wins the 2020 election the left will be forced to reinvent itself. It will also be proof that Its far left ideologies were never accepted.              

         No one cares if the lies and misdirections go uncovered, In the end the only intent was to leave an emotional scar on the public’s psychic, influence the next election and give the administration a black eye.. 

       In effect his only crime is the assumption of having less than noble intentions—better. to leave the thought crimes for the people to decide next November.    



There has been no lack of coverage on The Coronavirus and as much as this may be just another media blitz in honor of the current administration it would be unwise to dismiss it as such.  It has already been proven deadly to people with compromised health. Especially those with heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and immune deficiency. It is also evident that millions of people can harbor the virus with little if any symptoms enabling it to spread more quickly than anything we’ve  seen.  The old and in-firmed obviously are more susceptible. The good news is that it’s easily prevented through conscientious health practices like hand washing,  Avoiding large events and keeping a clean sanitized environment. Some other practices   include staying in your home  away from bars, restaurants. schools & hospitals,  Having your groceries delivered, utilizing telemedicine when possible while stocking up on food and medication. In addition, don’t get to close to strangers and get tested if possible. Above all, listen to your local news where you are likely to get the most relevant information.

     Luckily, as implied above , it’s non-lethal for more than 80% of the population with no more than short term symptoms. As of today, in the United States, it is mostly confined to California, Washington,  parts of Texas and New York. It is also interesting why certain places like Italy have become so vulnerable. It might give us insight into what to do better. In the most severe cases the corona-virus causes lung lesions and pneumonia. Let’s not forget that SARS and MERS were both corona-viruses that we were able to successfully fight–even without a vaccine. As appalling as the politicization of this crisis has been we still believe the summer may bring an unprecedented buying opportunity in the market, barring a fatal run on toilet paper. In the meantime let’s not forget that in recent years ( on an annualized basis) over 60K have died from opioid use, 50K from the flue, and 30K from car accidents.

As unconscionable as it may seem the thought that someone or some part of our government working with the Chinese to release this plaque has come to mind, especially when considering President Trump’s recently imposed tariffs. This whole affair has, after all, come at a particularly critical time –just after the Russian collusion & Ukraine debacles and just before the election. Of late there has been no shortage of apocalypse’s predicted including but not limited to global warming, and world monetary collapse. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how much the media milks it and the way in which the country is opened back up. It does seem unreasonable to a assume such an act since the collateral damage could be so horrific–both from an economic and human toll. In the short term, even after the virus passes, how many people will be willing to solicit the businesses they once visited , especially restaurants, theaters, concert halls etc. In the meantime will the smaller ones be able to survive or will they simply go out of business amid the strain of new safety regulations.. Even the larger business’s might be forced to modify their hiring practices,

     Anyway, While we’re waiting for a vaccine or treatment we’ve put together some literature on the ;subject, mostly from alternate medical sources, to give you a good perspective of the risk and give you other choices for protecting yourself. I’ve heard they could get one developed within 18 months, so much for the typical 10 year wait. Now we all know what’s possible when you remove the red tape,

One rarely touted herb that has been used for thousands of years is Astragalus. This herb derives its powers from its remarkable adaptogenic properties. Other adaptogens include, ginsing, ashwagandha, maca root and licorice. In the end, the most insidious aspects of this plaque is not only how easily it spreads but it’s ability to influence the bodies immune system to induce respiratory inflammation thus causing a double whammy for the patient. Some research that supports alternative therapies are listed:

 LiZX, et al ‘Immunomodulatory effects a new whole ingredients extract from Astragalus, a combined evaluation on chemistry and pharmacology “chin med 2019  

Hou YD et al “Effects of radix astragali seu hedysari on the interferon systemChin med j 1981, 94(l):35-40, 

Sinclair S “Chinese herbs” A clinical review of Astragalus, ligusticum and schizandrae” Alternative medicine review Vol 3, Num 5 1998



In response to a widening wealth gap along with a philosophical divide between coastal and inner America –both political parties have been struggling for a fresh image with new direction.     

The republican party manifested their 21st century transformation thru the election of Donald Trump. His election cemented the fundamental differences we have seen in the party thus far. A move away from the status quo on international trade to more equitable policies, a push toward nationalism/ patriotism along with less involvement in foreign wars barring a quick resolution, clear intent, or certainty of outcome. A focus on streamlining government by reducing waste, fraud, and abuse in many federal departments/ programs etc. with his famous references to “Draining the Swamp”.  Removing excessive regulation to open more job growth while taking more conservative positions on abortion and taxes. Finally, a move away from political correctness to one of forthrightness or crassness, dependent upon your viewpoint. To the chagrin of many in Washington, including some in the republican party, he has been quite successful at it.  

     Four years later the left finds itself in transformation. In some ways parts of their agenda are ahead of their time, but the approach is too extreme for the electorate to process. Everyone knows that wide police reform / education and accountability is needed. We also know that new forms of energy are now available and need to be developed at least to some degree. Striving for international disarmament and world piece is also noble. Continued reforms in Health care access and cost are obviously needed. No doubt we still have our challenges.   But declaring systemic racism, worldwide calamity from global warming, ignoring military prominence and/ or defunding police, abolition of personal health insurance, abortion on demand, free higher education for all, and open borders without due process is a bit much and the implications are dangerous, poignant and obvious.

    In addition, the proliferation of mob violence in many major American cities is unconscionable to most Americans. Just look at history, during the Vietnam war era when thousands of college students protested/ rioted violently across the nation, the people took the side of the president and re-elected him, despite his unpopularity.

    The word Nationalism has somehow become a dirty word. Nationalism is not racism or white supremacy, it is a belief that America offers all people a place where they can come, live in peace, contribute the best of their culture and compete economically– albeit it’s a struggle to keep everyone on a level playing field, and other countries are often left out of the spoils , but it’s not a negation, denigration or disrespect of any other human society or creed if they are willing to assimilate, at least at some level. I mean, who are we kidding. The media has all these issues flaming at a fever pitch which some believe may be likened to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Another area I’d like to address is the COVID situation. Many people think That science is being ignored by the administration. I propose that its not science itself that’s being questioned but rather how the science (the scientific results) really matter in the practical world, especially when considering the big picture. After all people have been using the science of things to put thru their own agenda since the beginning of time. One example of this is the idea that surfaces can harbor a lethal dose of the the virus for up to 3 days. The truth is that if you look into the experiments that were done, you’ll find that the concentration of virus needed to cause infection is well above what one would find in the real world on any typical surface. So in this case the science is not disputed but rather how the science is used. One Researcher was quoted as saying that a hundred people would have to cough and sneeze on a small surface to get to the level of concentration used for that experiment. Statistics can be just as unreliable in the wrong hands– Where are the numbers coming from? Who sanctioned the study? How are the numbers collected? Are their other contributing factors that are being left out? At the end of the day there’s nothing magical about it, its a tool like any other, it can be used to enlighten or mislead, to help or harm–but nobody is denying that science is science and facts are facts.

I challenge anyone reading this to examine some of his new policies closely. Anyway, the following were some of President Trump’s acts since taking office:  

Benefits for vets.       

Health care cost transparency

Lower taxes for citizens and corporations

Oil and fishing areas opened up.

Decreased business regulations

International trade reform

Right to try laws

Prescription drug reform

Supreme court & Federal judge appointments

Addition of space force

Prison reform

Black college support

Moved embassy to Jerusalem

Middle east peace deal

Took out foreign terrorists

Military defense buildup/ pay raises

A balanced common sense approach to managing the pandemic (despite what’s been said)

A focus on public safety w/ appropriate reforms

Immigration and border reforms

Energy independence via fracking, drilling, pipeline construction

Attempts at Police reform

     If you don’t agree with the above reforms or the implied philosophy, if you feel his hyperbole is meant to mislead not inspire, his rhetoric not a sign of authenticity or transparency but one of vulgarness and recklessness, his resolve not tough love or a mission steadfastness but autocratic or Fascist. If you feel his actions with the border wall are racist, not common sense. If you don’t understand that his followers are more concerned that he take back the country then be a model for a quintessential president–then vote accordingly, otherwise, well—.

In the end-If your unable to stomach Trumps persona and you feel it’s detrimental to the general health of the political realm there are other options, especially if you otherwise like the Republicans policies and direction. Vote Republican for the Senate and House seats. The beauty of our system is that we have this luxury every 2 years. This will help keep any extreme policy changes at bay.


Despite what you are being told Ukraine is not committing genocide against Russians in occupied Donboas. Russia has not been forced into war by Ukraine and NATO. The U.S. is not funding biological weapon labs within Ukraine and there is no NAZI influence within the country, All of this is propaganda. This is a war by Putin in his bid to take Ukraine under his power. Unfortunately Putin is running on the fumes of his own ego and misguided ideation. 

    Mr. Putin, if you’re reading this have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the reason your plans have been thwarted so often is not because of aggressive territorial encroachment from NATO and the west but rather simply because you’re on the wrong side of history. Think about it!  Democracy grows by the pull of liberty, not the push of conquest. The Ukrainian solders have the will and reason to fight, can you say the same for your troops?



The five explorers who died on board were Stockton Rush, Hamish Harding, Shahzada Dawood, Suleman Dawood, and Paul-Henri Nargeolet1234. In honor of these men lets remember what happened that fateful Nite of April 14, 1912. In all over 1500 people died that day 73% men and 19% women. Chivalry was not dead then as the men let the women and children disembark first.  These were the men who stayed until the end to keep the lights on, the radios working and the passengers’ spirits up, thus saving many lives:   The Engineers: 24 Mechanical, 16 electrical, 2 boilermakers, 1 plumber. The 8 band members who played on the deck. The 6 ship officers. All were lost when the ship went down. Before we’re too quick to judge let’s give modern men a chance to step up as well. 


09-30-2023  WOKE

       It’s about time we address this woke nonsense for what it is. At best, it’s an attempt to explain and correct any lingering attitudes and perceived inequalities that exist between Race and other divergent social groups in America, at worst, it’s a power grab, attempting to, discount or nullify Judeo- Christian teachings/history and form a pseudo religious following of their own. At its core it is nothing more than a secular intellectualized version of morality and/or character. It does nothing more than inflame and divide people leaving them more susceptible to others control and influence.  It also attempts to shame upcoming generations into submission by bringing up ancestral inequities that are, no doubt, still real to some extent, but have long been addressed and mostly corrected as the country has evolved.  The idea of “The Patriarchy” and “Critical Race Theory” are similar constructs.  Insidious by nature, in their own right. These ideas not only hurt our own country but have been exported abroad as well.  Multiculturalism does not work,

     I’ll end with a quote by C.S. Lewis “”If I swallow the scientific cosmology as a whole, then not only can I not fit in religion, but I cannot even fit in science. If minds are wholly dependent on brains, and brains on biochemistry, and biochemistry (in the long run) on the meaningless flux of the atoms, “…I cannot understand how the thought of minds should have any more significance than the sound of the wind in the trees.”


11-15-2023 ISRAEL

When confronting/defending against sheer evil, collateral damage is often inevitable –if only as a byproduct of the evil itself.  Since the writing of this article, HAMAS has indeed used GAZA citizens as human shields and civilian buildings such as hospitals, and schools to hide out and store weapons.  To top it off, many GAZA children are trained to hate Jewish people at a young age. Very sad.  None the less, Israel must do all it can to assist/protect and organize humanitarian aid to ordinary citizens–  October 7th will cement itself into history no less than any other major turning point, as did September 11th or January 6th.          GOD BLESS.